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You must be aware of the name “PET GEAR.” But, if you are a pet parent for the first time, let me tell you that Pet Gear Strollers contains a pretty solid reputation for manufacturing a number of the most effective pet strollers in the mas ket. They are of excellent quality and designed to last even though they tend to be costlier than some comparable strollers.  Today, I will be honored to share some great features of both strollers and a few cons too. Also I will recommend the best pet gare Stoller to buy in 2022.


Best Price: Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller

4.6 out of 5 with 3,915+ ratings on

Four Wheels Carrier Strolling Cart 

*price may vary
Colors available: Classic Grey, Juniper, Raspberry, Jaguar, Animal Print.

Top Feature


The most important benefit is that you can easily approach your pet without tackling it with the zipper. All strollers with the NO-ZIP characteristic have an easy-locking latch rather than a zippered closure. 

WHAT IS NO-ZIP? The strollers with zippers are annoying as once the zips are opened, they give the user a hard time getting back together. For that purpose, Pet Gear has launched a NO-ZIP model in which a clip is used instead of a zip. NO-ZIP is the maximum progressive distinctiveness in pet strollers today. It means now say goodbye to the problems you face during opening and closing the stroller. NO-ZIP generation allows you to effortlessly perceive an advantage for your puppy without any problem with the zippers. 

SMOOTH TRIP: The tires of the Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller are designed in such a way that it provides a smooth journey to your pet. Happy Pup, Happy Pet parent!

VENTILATION WINDOWS:  Your pet also needs to breathe smoothly. Ventilation windows have been made to get rid of any inconvenience. Ventilation windows also help to prevent bugs completely.

STORAGE SPACE: Beneath the pet cabin, a storage area is present in which many useful kinds of stuff related to you and your furry friend can be placed easily, such as:

  • Dog’s Towel
  • Poop bags for Dog
  • Food bowl etc. 
  • The maximum capacity for it is to accommodate almost two water bottles and a small tray.

STURDY: They are made in such a way that they are sturdy so as long as the owner keeps it nicely with care and does not exceed the carrying capacity it will remain durable. 

Things we like:

  • Very long-lasting
  • Easy accessibility to your pet
  • Washable Fleece Pad
  • Loads of accommodation
  • Panoramic View
  • One-handed folding mechanism

Things we don’t like:

The material used in the Pet Gear stroller and the overall quality is incredibly good. Nevertheless, there is a point that could be improved The trigger that helps it collapse is rigid, and maximum pressure is required to close it.


For your convenience, some most asked questions are added below:

Question # 1: Does the Pet Gear stroller have holes to escape for a cat to get out of? What are the side gaps about?

Answer: Generally, when the top is completely closed to the bottom, there won’t be any chance or hole for your pet to escape through. 

Question # 2: Is it difficult to open or close this item?

No, It’s not difficult at all. The NO-ZIP quality frees you from all these hurdles, and you can easily close it. 

Question # 3: My no zip stroller actually has a zipper and they are far from each other. how am I going to use this stroller without zipping it? 

You must be having a different type of stroller because my no-zip stroller has NO ZIPPERS. I will suggest replacing it, in case it doesn’t work for you. 

I will surely recommend you this. Don’t let this wonderful product get out of your hand. This stroller can also be used for cats. Your pet will soon get used to this amazing Pet Gear Happy Trails Stroller and will surely love to have a ride in it.


Best Overall: Pet Gear Stoller No-Zip Special Edition

4.4 out of 5 with 1852+ ratings on

Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition

*price may vary
Pet Gear has taken all the special design functions from their complete variety to form “Pet Gear Jogger.”u003cbru003e

You will be glad to know that the Pet Gear Jogger is a wonderful addition to the industry of pet carriers and strollers. It’s truly grateful to discover one who actually exists as much as its name tag, with many such strollers being marketed as “Jogging strollers,” Now, let’s view some qualities, characteristics irrespective of a dog stroller being used for a trip they are largely used at times when your pet is severely injured or it’s growing old and can’t move its paws then we can place our beloved pets in the stroller and go out for an evening stroll. In this way, the pet’s desire for going out will be fulfilled and it will be relaxed.  

At the same hand, a few more specifications of this amusing product for your convenience are given below include:

  • This item can carry up to 30 pounds
  • Pet Cabin dimensions: 30″L x 13″W x 22″H
  • Overall Dimensions: 30″ L x 19″ W x 42″ H
  • Overall Product Weight: 27 Lbs
  • Handle Height: 42″
  • Weight Limit: 75 Lbs

COLORS AVAILABLE:  Sage, Chocolate, New BlackOrchid. Gold Monogram

Top Feature

CLIP MECHANISM:  Most of the complaints when it comes to pet strollers are with the zippers. So, this product also has a  No-zip entry system as it is replaced with a clip tool, which destroys all the obstacles connected with the zipper. Therefore, it is convenient to be locked. 

WATER-RESISTANT MATERIAL: Another amazing fact regarding this stroller edition is that it is composed of water-resistant material. Now, the rain can not be a hurdle in the way of your pet’s enjoyment. 

MAXIMUM WEIGHT LIMIT: Even though the specifications include a maximum weight limit of 75 Lbs, you need to measure your pet before purchasing. You must think about this point before buying, not only this item but also other items that your dog may weigh less than 75 Lbs, but will it fit inside the pet section?

3-WHEEL BENEFIT:  Pet Gear Jogger Stroller has a unique feature of 12″ quick-release air-filled tires. Front Wheel enables the stroller to be handled on a sandy or muddy area along with a good road. Moreover, it allows you to lift the stroller easily. It has another benefit in that it has a shock-absorbing feature that minimizes any kind of jerking effect and allows riding of the stroller. 

SECURITY FEATURE: Unlike most strollers that contain two separately managed rear brakes, the Pet Gear Jogger has a singular, foot-operated brake rod that runs between the rear wheels, which engages and disengages both rear brakes simultaneously.

In addition to this, the interior harness is another safety innovation that will grasp your pet safe and secure whenever you are on a trip or a walk.

Things we like:

  • Strong 600 Denier water-reppelant material
  • Maximum ventilation because of the front and top mesh windows
  • Easy to operate the rear foot brake
  • Rear-wheel shock absorbers
  • This item is easy to fold 
  • Rain and Wind Guard for security against particles

Things we don’t like:

There is no doubt that the stroller itself is consisting of strong material. On the other hand, the material used to make the basket below the stroller, which can be used as a storage place for your necessities is not of a good quality


The answers to some frequently asked questions are given below:

Question # 1: Can I know the material of the tires?
The tires consist of a rubber-like material. They work really well on pavement dirt, grass, and snow. Plus, they are very much durable.

Question # 2: Is the stroller easy to fold?
Yes, you will be glad to acknowledge that it’s very easy to fold. The only issue I dislike is that the attachment to keep it closed doesn’t always stay on.

Question # 3: Can someone please tell me the number of the interior tethers?
The Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller has a singular interior leash to assist in keeping your pet secure inside while having a tour. In addition. The strap is adjustable. Click here to read about our top 10 the best pet stroller.

You can buy or check the price directly from Amazon.


Ultimately, we can say that Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller does not only provide benefits to the dogs but also it’s a great way for you to spend your precious time with your pet and make beautiful memories while strolling. Overall, I will give it 8 out of 10. As Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition 3 Wheel Pet Stroller is composed by mixing all previous products, I believe it possesses utmost good qualities. If you have budget then go with the Pet Gear Jogger, get it! I will highy recomend this stoller and I will give this 10 out of 10.

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