5 Extra Tall Extra Wide Dog Gates For The House

Sometimes the place you need to partition off for your pet has a particularly large doorway or gap that a typical pet gate can not barricade. Fortunately, there are extra wide dog gates in the market to meet this need.

Pets are just like children in terms of value. If you give them free rein of the house (especially when unattended), they may ruin anything in their path, just like you would with children. Luckily, the pet gates provide a solution: they can keep your pets isolated in specific rooms or block certain off-limits locations, ensuring that you always know where they are. Because there are so many pet gates to choose from, the best one for you will be determined by several factors; you may see by the quality, material, height, width, look and cost. 

Pet gates are often constructed to accommodate the width of a standard door, which is 34 inches. This breadth is simply insufficient for use in other parts of the house that may require separation. For use in bigger hallways or, of course, open concept living areas, an extra-wide pet gate is required. Today we will discuss the best extra-wide dog gates available in the market.

Dog Gates Types:

  • Freestanding Dog Gates: These gates are freestanding and can be easily relocated. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized.
  • Hinged Dog Gates: These gates can often stand-alone or be connected to form a playpen. They are usually foldable for storage and transport
  • Walk-Through Dog Gates: Ideal for more permanent installations, walk-through pet gates can be freestanding, tension, or hinged gates with a convenient walk-through entry.
  • Adjustable Tension Gates: These gates are used to temporarily block doors. They are easy to install, but some types take longer than others, so you may have to step over the gate.

Here we have our top 5 picks of Extra Wide Dog Gates, if you are in hurry then please pick from our highly recommended list:


Best Overall:  Extra Wide & Tall Dog Gate

4.6 out of 5 ratings on Amazon

PAWLAND 144-inch Extra Wide 30-inches Tall Dog gate with Door Walk Through

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Freestanding Wire Pet Gate for The House, Doorway
10Expert Score
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Beautiful Crystal Clear Dog Gate perfect for home decor

Things we like
  • Freestanding
  • Multiple configurations
  • Quickly folds
  • Stylish and beautiful
Things we don't like
  • None

Top Features

  • Extra wide and tall: 144’’W x 32.08” H x 0.7’’D;
  • Collapsed dimensions: 24” W x 32.08’’ H x 4.25’’D .
  • Pet Playpen provides 11.8 square feet of enclosed area
  • Weight: 34.4 pounds.Made of wood and steel wire
  • Fits practically any width, Arrives fully built
  • Rubber non-slip feet protect your flooring from scratches.

Sturdy Wood: The PAWLAND Freestanding Foldable Wooden Pet Gate is designed to keep your new puppy or kitten from exploring too much of the house. This pet gate has an accordion-like hinge design that allows you to fold it to fit through virtually any door or hallway. The gate is made of sturdy wood with durable metal hinges. The wide slats create a secure barrier without making your pet feel completely cut off from the rest of the house or yard.

Freestanding Pet Gate: Its freestanding design does not require wall mounting and is lightweight, making it easy to transport and store. Two additional support feet provide additional balance.

Strong and Stylish: These pet panels are both durable and attractive. With a sturdy solid wood frame and sturdy wire inside, it’s ideal for large dogs or puppies that like to chew on everything. Still, the pet gate blends seamlessly into any home decor.

Extra-wide: With its extra width and height, this gate can accommodate virtually any type of pet. It has a total width of 144 centimeters and a height of about 32 centimeters, and it can be shaped in different ways.

Various multiple configurations: This set includes six pet panels that connect and lock with sturdy 360-degree hinges to allow various arrangements. Use the panels as a pet gate in doorways, long hallways, or other larger locations, or add multiple panels to create a playpen, pet run, or play area for your pet.

Pet gate with lockable door: The gate is equipped with a lockable door that allows you to move freely from room to room without moving the entire structure.


Best Configurable Dog Gate: Primetime Petz

4.7 out of 5 ratings on Amazon
Things we like
  • Top-quality
  • Lightweight
  • Safe & secure
  • 360º Hinges
Things we don’t like
  • None

Top Features

  • Spans widths up to 80”, can be extended to fit larger openings with optional
  • Optional support feet and wall-mount kit sold separately
  • extension kits
  • Weighs 22 lbs.
  • Walnut finish
  • Solid wood

Ideal for use: This freestanding pet gate is made entirely of wood with a premium walnut finish that makes it a beautiful addition to your decor. The patented 360° hinges allow you to adjust the gate in different ways depending on your needs. It is ideal for use at the foot of stairs, at entrances, and at any other opening in your home. – In addition, you can also use the gate to build an enclosed dog kennel. You can open the gate swings in both directions and with one hand thanks to the spring-loaded locking system.

Risk-free and secure: Rubber bumpers prevent the gate from slipping and prevent scratches on the floor below. A spring-loaded latch holds the door securely in place. A one-handed latch allows for easy access.

Easy to move and store: This item is lightweight and portable. The 360-degree hinges allow the door to fold in half for easy storage—item dimensions: 88 inches x.75 inches x 36 inches.

Rich walnut finish: The 4-piece wood dog gate with rich walnut finish and the two-way swinging door is 36″ high and can span openings up to 80″ in width and height.

Configuration flexibility: Hinges can be rotated 360 degrees for virtually unlimited configurations. Use it as a dog gate at the base of stairs, doorways, or any other indoor location, or create a stand-alone, independent dog kennel enclosure—Bridges large openings with ease.

Extra-wide openings: Support legs and wall mounting kits for added stability and extension kits for extra-wide openings allow you to design the perfect gate system for your needs.

Quality and value: Since 2008, Primetime Petz has been a well-known brand in high-quality pet furniture. You can trust their products.


Best Heavy-duty:  Windsor Arch Petgate

4.7 out of 5 ratings on Amazon
Things we like
  • Value for money
  • Easy to lock
  • Easy to assemble
  • Exceptional quality
Things we don’t like
  • None

Top Features

  • A sturdy metal framework.
  • Can be used in spaces with a width range of 38.3″ to 72″
  • Attaches to flat or curved surfaces.
  • Effortless one-handed use
  • Conveniently sized to fit your needs with a beautiful golden matte finish.

Double locking system: This gate can be mounted on straight or angled walls with the included hardware – the pivot points on the panels make it easy to adjust the gate position. The one-handed operation and hold-open feature will be helpful for pets and owners alike. This gate features a pivoting 25.5-inch passageway panel equipped with a child-resistant double-locking system to provide additional security for your home.

Operation with only one hand: Do not let the pet gate prevent you from moving quickly from one room to another. Everyone knows those pet owners are constantly on the go and rarely have both hands free. With the one-handed operation of the Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Petgate, these concerns are eliminated. You can quickly move from one room to the next with one-handed operation, knowing that safety and convenience coexist in harmony with this pet gate. It is equipped with a double locking system so that both your pet and your home are always protected.

Heavy-duty metal: The Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Petgate provides an extra-wide barrier with a touch of style for extra-wide openings in your home. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes. The decorative matte bronze finish complements any home decor, and the heavy-duty metal construction ensures it will last for many years! 

Extra-Wide: Use the gate’s hold-open feature to keep the gate open for multiple passages. When the gate is not in use, it can be easily swung out of the way or removed completely. The gate is 38.3 to 72 inches wide and 30 inches high, making it ideal for various room openings. It is also available in two other sizes. The Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Petgate has a 15-inch extension (sold separately) that allows the gate to be extended to 162 inches, making it the widest pet gate on the market.


Best Simple & Sturdy:Pawland

4.6 out of 5 ratings on Amazon

PAWLAND Extra Wide and Tall Dog gate for The House

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Doorway, Stairs, Freestanding Foldable Wire Pet Gate
Things we like
  • Easy to assemble
  • Free Standing
  • Sturdy wood
  • Easy to move
Things we like
  • A little heavy

Top Features

  • Made of wood and steel wire
  • Fits practically any width. Arrives fully assembled
  • Design: foldable, stand-alone, All sizes and breeds of dogs
  • Quickly folds for storage
  • Rubber non-slip feet protect your flooring from scratches.
  • EXTRA WIDE AND TALL: OPEN DEMS: UP to 96” Width x0.75” Depth x 31.2” Height;

Simple, Strong, and durable: A pet fence, a room divider, and a pet pen are combined with this Convertible Wooden Dog Gate. Strong wood and steel wire are used in construction. To protect your floor, rubber feet are used.

Pre-assembled: Because this pet gate is pre-assembled, there is no need for you to put it together. support feet (which are included) to keep things stable.

Easy folding and flexibility: This pet dog fence is freestanding and can be folded out into a wide Z-shape, allowing you to use it in whole hallways, double doors, standard doorways, bedrooms, staircases, or any other areas of your home with ease.

Freestanding Foldable Wooden Pet Gate: The PAWLAND Freestanding Foldable Wooden Pet Gate is an excellent choice to keep your pet safe. This pet gate has an accordion-style hinged design that allows you to fold it down to fit through any doorway or corridor. With robust metal hinges, the piece is constructed of strong wood. A safe barrier without making your pet feel completely walled off from the rest of the house is provided by wide slats.

Quick to set up and store: The Dog Gate quickly unfolds into an accordion-style configuration, making it simple to set up and store.


Best Auto-Close Dog Gate: Tokkidas

4.6 out of 5 ratings on Amazon

Tokkidas 24.4”-80” Auto Close Baby Gate, Extra Wide Dog Gate with One Hand Operation

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Hardware Mount, Foldable 3 Steel Panels Angle, Deluxe Walk Thru Pet Gate for Stairs, Doorways, Kitchen, 29” Height
Things we like
  • Easy to use
  • Lock feature
  • Easy to install
  • Worth money
Things we don’t like
  • None

Top Features

  • Safe: Certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards, good for the baby.
  • Multi-function: All-steel design with walk-through gate, double lock safety, auto close, and dual direction opening.
  • Hardware Mounted: Just drill the holes and screw them to the wall, adding security and protection.
  • Multi-Purpose: Pivot freely angles to meet any opening, like a hallway, stairs, kitchen, or even weird open floor.
  • Extra Wide: Fits openings between 79″- 23.6″ wide, the gate stands 30″ tall.

Heavy-duty steel construction: The heavy-duty all-steel construction makes it durable and resistant to the harsh conditions of Alaska and other harsh environments. You do not have to worry about the dog gate being pushed down and hurting children. It fits openings at 23.6 inches. “This piece is 80″ wide and 30” high. 

Hardware Mounted: Drill the holes and screw the brackets to the wall with wood screws. It is necessary to drill the screws into the wall for safety and protection. The bottom bracket is free to move up and down to achieve the desired position. TIP: Tighten the four knobs after installation. Loosen the fourth knob first before moving or folding the table.

Adjustable Angle Panel: 3-in-1 extra wide baby gate allows you to freely adjust the angle of the three panels to fit any opening, such as a hallway, stairwell, kitchen, or even a strange open floor. When not in use, you can fold it easily. 

Safety Double Locking: Your curious crawlers are protected from harm by the baby gate’s double-locking handles, which provide extra protection. The safety latch is difficult to release with baby fingers because it is hard to operate. With a baby gate in doorways, in the kitchen, by the fireplace, or in a basement playroom, you can easily create a safe space for children in your home or visit family and friends.

Automatically closing and opening in two directions: This indoor safety gate features a special self-closing hinge that opens with one hand while you can hold your baby in the other. This leaves your hands free for even more convenience. In addition, the child gate has a two-way swing function (if it stops at 90°, the gate stays open). Parents c

an see if the gate is safely closed by the red/green indicator.

Tokkidas company: It is a multinational company that distributes safety items worldwide. The organization aims to help parents and pet owners worldwide give their children and dogs a safe and positive start in life, where they can live and play without fear of harm. So you can trust their products.


We hope you enjoyed our article on extra-wide dog gates. We know you can keep your pet safe and away from dangerous places in your home or office with this knowledge. So what are you waiting for? Buy your extra wide dog gate today by clicking the links mentioned above.Dog gates are very important if you have a dog. They help you keep your dog in a specific area. Dog gates will protect your furniture and other areas of your home. Let us talk about the extra wide dog gates that we like the most: PAWLAND 144-inch extra-wide 30-inch high dog gate with door.

This is one of the best extra-wide dog gates in the market. It is easy to install and has an extra-wide door that makes it easy to pass with a stroller or wheelchair. If you are looking for a cheaper option, go with North States MyPet 72″ Extra-Wide Windsor Arch Gate. The gate is also ideal if you have a lower budget as you can purchase it for under $90.00. It also comes with a 15-inch extension that you can purchase separately. 

If you are looking for Stylish dog gates, read our article: Top 5 The Most Stylish And Modern Dog Gates.

Buy from our list of Extra Wide Dog Gates ❤️

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This site contains Amazon affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.