The Best Top 5 Window Pet Door to Buy

It all started a decade ago when pets were given access to the interior or exterior doors as pet doors. It was merely a flap that let the pets go out or come inside. But with time, things changed, and the window pet door was introduced with features. 

Previously the pet doors were simpler and easy to maintain, without additional features. Now, the pet doors have been included with several features and designs. There are not many competitions that even exist today for making such pet doors. The customer preferences and reviews made it possible to bring more viable features. 

It was hardly possible to find any pet doors initially, and then later, it wasn’t easy to find proper-sized pet doors. With the development of the market and choices, the market became more competitive and introduced several competitive features and options.

In definition terms, a pet door is also referred to as a pet flap or pet door that is a small opening created in the door, wall, or window to let pets enter and exit the building without assistance and on their own. 

What Door Would You Need to Install?

All this information’s purpose is to draw your attention towards choosing a pet door of your choice. The variants are manual pet doors and automatic or electronic pet doors. According to your situation and pet, you can get different features from these variants and may decide which suits you the best. 

Once you decide which suits them best, you can install them in the interior, exterior, and wall with traditional or advanced mounts. Here you also have to measure the appropriate size of your cute pet for installing these doors. You would want to have a pet door that is appropriate for your pet and its breed. Furthermore, all pet doors have locks with a slide-in safety locking pane.

Most pet doors are considered to be installed indoors or on walls. When you want to install it in windows, your pet member is looking outside the windows and leaving marks on them. It obviously is an important question if you are looking for a sash window pet door.

Are you in a hurry? Pick from our highly recommended list:


Best Overall: Ideal Pet Products

4.6 out of 5 ratings on Amazon
10Expert Score
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Things we like
  • Easy installation
  • Good looking
  • Well built
  • Wonderful product
  • Great value, good product
Things we don't like
  • Flimsy lock mechanism

Top Features

  • The door dimensions are 33 x 16 x 1.25 inches
  • The material used for construction is aluminum 
  • The adjustable width ranges between 33 inches to 38 inches
  • The flap door is built from flexible vinyl with unbreakable rigid clear Lexan
  • High-quality white finish
  • The tempered glass is based on a single pane
  • Suggested for pets weighing from 2 to 25 pounds
Freedom of Access

Give your cute lovely family members freedom of access through pet doors. The Ideal pet products offer unique and diverse pet doors that offer adventure for your pet. The weather with summer hotness and winter with coldness does not affect your home environment and delivers comfort and focus for your work.

Elegant Design

When we talk about elegance and design, our focus determines what pet product has been offered. And we learn about sash window pet doors with a width size from 33 inches to 38 inches. The Ideal pet products are specifically designed to meet the requirements of customers.


The major target market which is focused on is cats and dogs. The pet doors are mostly white, crafted with aluminum, and have a 5-inch adjustment range. The 5-inch adjustment lets the pet owner adjust it in any window and allows you to move from one window to another if your window width remains the same.

Adjustment Range

The adjustment range of the pet door width is between 33 inches to 38 inches, which delivers comfort levels for pets falling within the range of the said width. The pet ramp plays an important role in further improved installation as some windows are high for your pet to access without hurting himself easily.


Most of these ideal pet products offer stability. Though no locking mechanism is delivered with these products, the esteemed customers use either a brace bar or a stick on the top window for closing.

The Ideal pet door flap is consisted of also a metal strip along the bottom to align with magnets in the frame. The closing panel is included with the locking slide and the pet door frame; the color matches the selected panel.


Best Dog Door Ideal Pet Products 27SWDCK

4.7 out of 5 ratings on Amazon
Things we like
  • Easy installation
  • Very sturdy
  • Happy cat
  • Kitty freedom
  • Game changer
  • Pretty Solid
Things we don’t like
  • The lock is a joke
  • Poor Quality

Top Features

  • The product dimensions are 2.5 x 16.38 x 28.6 inches
  • The net weight is 9 pounds
  • The specific design of the pet door
  • Spring-charged locking slide
  • Clear vinyl, strong Lexan flap
  • The adjustable frame width size is 27 to 32 inches
  • The minimum sash window height requisite is 15.0625 inches
  • Tempered glass, single pane

Ideal pet products have been known as the best and most innovative products for your lovely pets. They have been in the pet products market since 1979, and they have innovated new features. This aluminum-made pet door is beautifully designed and well-structured. 

Convenience and Quality

The ideal sash window pet door is a high-quality product with a white finish. It can conveniently be installed into most of aluminum sash window pet styles. Also, you can easily discover the pet door size by measuring the pet door flap size that can best suit your pet’s requirements. 


The pet door is recommended for pets aged 2 to 25 pounds. The pet door is equipped with an unbreakable locking rigid flap, used to restrict the pet from entering it. It is also made visible for your pets to see through it. Furthermore, this rigid flap is nontoxic to enhance the safety of your pet.


Best Adjustable: Ideal Pet Products 23SWDS 

4.5 out of 5 ratings on Amazon
Things we like
  • Very sturdy and works great
  • House stays warm
  • Quality product
  • Easy installation
Things we don’t like
  • Poor weather seal
  • Flimsy lock mechanism

Top Features

  • The pet door dimensions are 36 x 46 x 34 inches
  • The net weight is 1 pound
  • The maximum recommended pet weight is 12 pounds
  • The door frame is crafted from aluminum
  • The recommended width is between 23 inches to 28 inches
  • Flaps are flexible vinyl made with rigid Lexan
  • Single pane tempered glass
Enjoying Pet

Installing a pet door is a great option that a pet owner can take and give access to its adorable family member. It is like opening a new world for your pet who could roam around the house and enjoy the sunshine, breeze, cold, and free potty breaks.

In earlier times, pets were merely pets, and people kept them for different reasons. But then time changed, and pets were given more value, and they became a family member. For pet-friendly people, liberal and modernized houses are now required to have pets.

Design and Installation

You can make your life more simplistic by installing an Ideal pet product’s window pet door. It is installed for small cats and puppies who could come and go freely with access. The material used in crafting is aluminum. The height requirement of the pet door is a minimum of 12.5625 inches.


The flap is flexible and made from clear vinyl that is perfectly fine for your pet to see through. Furthermore, a clear vinyl flexible flap is nontoxic and not hazardous for your pet. The flap is supportive for pets weighing 2 to 12 pounds. 


Importantly, the pet door simplifies your life and your pet’s life. Your adorable pet gets friendly access, is economical, dependable, and ideal. It is really great that you can install this product easily and remove it without much of a problem. 


Best Security: PetSafe 1-Piece Sliding Glass Door

4.5 out of 5 ratings on Amazon
Things we like
  • Very solid
  • Great door option
  • A must buy
  • Worth dollars
  • Quality door with security lock
Things we like
  • Under engineered
  • Not for cold weather

Top Features

  • The dimension are 80.5 x 1.59 x 16.75 inches
  • The net weight is 19.31 pounds
  • Strong and durable pet door
  • It comes in several sizes from small to x-large 
  • Available in white color
  • Perfect for apartments and rental houses
  • 2 adjustable sizes
  • A latch kit allows for locking 
Why do you need this:

Living in a city makes us tired sometimes, and during our research, we found that most of the pet door installation depends upon the building we live in. Sometimes we do not own the house or apartment and live on a rental basis. Living with a pet in such conditions sometimes becomes a very disturbing priority. 

Your pet is always looking for an escape plan to enjoy outside adventure. But living in high-rise building apartments becomes tiring, troubling, and limited. To get a decent option, we look for a sliding window pet door.


PetSafe 1-piece sliding glass door is a vertical window pet door panel. You can install it vertically in your glass window door frame as a separate sliding piece for your adorable pet. You can install it on the terrace sliding door frame of your apartment. It would give access to your pet to stay on the terrace and enjoy the weather.


Patio panel sliding glass doors are a great opportunity for you and your pet and come in different sizes, from small to x-large. The structural material of the sliding window pet door is aluminum and fully portable for you to move conveniently.


To offer the product’s maximum value, PetSafe is offering 2 adjustable sizes for the patio panel pet door. These adjustable heights put you at ease, and you can place them in the existing sliding doors trail. Furthermore, if you have a large pet, this product helps you by giving ample opening and keeping him happy.

To fasten the pet door, use the latch kit to prevent the sliding door from moving sideways or falling. You can use a latch kit to fix the lock-up and down of the pet door. It will also improve security by keeping it fixed in the patio window rail.  

One of the amazing features this product has is the weatherproof aluminum, shattered-proof tempered glass, and magnetic closure on the flap. This magnetic closure helps maintain energy and saves you from excessive utility bills. 


Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3E

4.7 out of 5 ratings on Amazon

Top Features

Things we like
  • Convenient
  • Works perfectly
  • Quick to install and remove
  • Worth the money
Things we don’t like
  • Not for cold weather
  • Bad Customer service
  • The dimensions are 1 x 15.25 x 80.25 inches (L x W x H)
  • The thermal panel builds energy efficiency
  • It comes in white colour
  • The frame is constructed from aluminum
  • Does not need tools for installation
  • Ideal for pet owners living on rents
Pressurized System

Most of the window pet doors contain a pressurized system that expands on the width of the window track. It fixes and locks down and is not easy to remove easily from the window track. Some window panels may require the hole to be drilled through the window track and secure the panel. 

Thermo Panel

Endura flap thermos panel 3e is a single complete panel fixable in the patio sliding glass door frame. The Thermo panel defines the quality of energy efficiency that it keeps hold on. The patio panel window door keeps the weather conditions such as cold, winter, and summer hotness out of the house and maintains the temperature inside the apartment. 

Living Style

It is a wonderful product well suited to pet owners who live in apartments and vacation homes on a rent basis. You can install it very easily, and it is portably good enough to remove from the window or sliding door track easily.  

As a pet owner living on rent, your priority is to have a portable pet door that can easily be moved and installed again. This pet door does not need any kind of tools for installation. Without assistance, it fits easily in a sliding window glass door or patio panel door. 


The Endura Thermo panel frame is constructed from a resilient aluminum frame. The pet door has a dual layer magnetically sealed flap. The two layers of LoE glass are fixed up with a heavy-duty metal frame that remains durable, strong, and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is added with a strong slide-in cover to restrict pets from going out.

Kinds of Pet door 

When you want to know and learn the types of pet doors available in the market, obviously, you are looking for a viable option that you could choose for your home. Therefore, certain pet doors could assist you in finding the best choices available.

The flap or a pet door is an integral element of society, which could be flexible, hard, or rigid flap models. Automatic door products, these flaps are moved when your pet reaches it. 

Flexible Flaps

Flexible flaps are still popular among other flaps due to various reasons. It is convenient to move through it, and for dogs, it an easy to use. These flexible flaps do not let the weather affect them badly. But they are chewable, which is not recommended when a pet is curious to chew and taste. Most conveniently, it gets suitable for all pet ages and sizes.

The flexible flap or pet doors contain two frames to be installed inside and outside the door. Usually, these flaps are attached to the interior frame and fixed up into a casing built inside the interior frame to ensure that the flaps are locked. 

The single flaps or pet doors are the normal flaps attached inside but are not effective with weather conditions. But when another flap is installed outside the door frame, it protects better from rain, snow, and other weather conditions. It works as a dual flap door and resists harsh weather conditions. You may find various models with different effective levels. 

Hard or Rigid Flap

Then the rigid flaps are the hard flaps assembled in the interior and exterior doors. It all depends on how many benefits you have estimated to get. These pet doors are built from different materials and are hugely based on their effectiveness and benefit. One of the benefits that these rigid flaps can provide is controlling and maintaining the temperature in the house and saving additional energy costs.

Electronic or Automatic flaps

As the name suggests, these pet doors are automated or used electronically. These automated pet doors or flaps are controlled electronically or with RFID chips. The major purpose of the automated pet door is to ensure that the entrance and exit of the pets remain automatically regulated. It helps the pet owners to stay on their toes to do whatever they like without disturbance or cute pet interference. It also helps the pets freely go outside and take a potty break or play.

The maximum number of products or brands available in the market require pets to wear a collar with either an electronic chip installed, magnet, sonic, sonic frequency, or RFID installed. This collar should be activated for that pet who gets only access to the automated flaps or door. These diverse brands have pros, cons, merits, demerits, and qualities. All have one major purpose of the design to isolate the cute pet from others and give it access to pass through an automated door.

Instructions for Installation Pet Door:

The pet door installation instructions are as follows;

  • Lift the sash window pane and hold it tight.
  • You need to cut two super seal pieces of the same length as the window width. The foam super seals are included.
  • Unpeel protecting support and attach foam along the top and bottom edge of the pet door.
  • Now place the pet door assembly between the window bracket and open up the window.
  • You can lower the window panel until it touches down to the pet assembly.
  • The pet door assembly should now fit the window comfortably on both ends.
  • Turn silver knobs clockwise to fasten ends in position.
  • A vinyl draft stopper has just been added. 
  • Cut to the needed length.
  • Clean the surface of the window and unpeel the protective support.
  • Connect along the top edge of the lower window.
  • Ensure the inmost bendy edge connects the glass.
  • If knobs obstruct with bottom ridge, you may detach the knobs as follows:
    1. Take out two screws that grip flexible end juts.
    2. Push steel rods into long bottom extrusions about 1/8 inch below the surface. The locking knob and pin will then pull out.
    3. Re-assemble flexible end juts.

Installation Guide

When you have selected the pet door according to the size of your pet, you can cut plywood or Lexan tall and wide enough to fit and expand to the side window rails. Insert one end of the pet door into the rail and the other end into the other window rail. The pressure of the pet door would adjust at both ends. Now make sure that you have centered the pet door from both rail ends. 

No use adhesive weather strips a piece of foam on the top and bottom of the window pane to seal. Most window pet doors do not have a locking feature; therefore, drill holes in each corner into the window rail or track. Use screws in each corner of the windowpane to hold them tight and strong. Mount a pet door into the wood or Lexan pane you have secured in place. Mount the pet door first before setting the pane into the window trail. 

Frequent Asked Question

Question: How is the window pet door installed?

Answer: The window pet doors are the panel attached to the window or sliding windows. It could be the windows with pet doors and glass. The sliding window could slide down and rest on the pet door when the pet door is installed. Or it could slide sideways or upwards depending upon your window for installation.

Question: How to mount a pet door securely in the window?

Answer: Most pet doors have a pressurized expansion system that is compressed in width between the side rails of the window and gets expanded and locked once placed between window rails. But some pet doors require drilling a hole in the window to mount the pet door.

Question: Do I require tools to install the pet door?

Answer: No! no tools are required to install the pet door.

Question: Is this pet door weatherproof?

Answer: Some pet doors are better weather resistant than others. A well-constructed pet door is weatherproof and sturdy to resist weather conditions. Most of these are equipped with weather stripping.

Question: What benefit do I get after buying a pet door?

Answer: The benefits of buying a pet door include quality of product, ease of managing pets, energy efficiency, and saving dollars on utility bills. Sturdy pet doors require less maintenance and replacement, whereas low quality requires maintenance and replacements soon.

Question: Can I lock my window after installing the pet door?

Answer: Yes! The sash window pet door does not contain locks, so after installing the pet door in the windowpane, you have to insert a screw part in the rails. It would keep it locked.


Window pet doors are a diverse product launched in the market that expands in width and is installed in the window. The innovation in these products has delivered the diverse use of such products and portability to use in windows. The installation is quite painless and does not need specific tools. 

The major purpose of installing such pet doors is to access your cute pet. It leads to the freedom you get by leaving all pet worries behind while going outside.

It improves your pet’s health by reducing their nervousness and anxious behavior. The access lets the pets play outside to give them the freedom to come in or go outside anytime. 

The best product that you can select depends upon the size and measurement of your pet and the measurement of the windowpane, where installation is required. But as a product for small kittens and puppies Ideal pet product 23SWDS is the best among other categories.

Buy from our list Window Pet Door ❤️

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This site contains Amazon affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.