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Wait! Are you looking for a dog carrier for your dog? I researched and analyzed the best dog carrier backpack for you to make your travel easy with your little dog, so take your time and select the best option that is suitable for you. 

While sitting in my office, I made a list of the things I need to take with me on my trip. Suddenly it shook me while thinking of duke and I realized that I cannot leave him alone at home. He is just a small dog but cannot walk with me on rough and tough terrains. So I realized I should buy a carrier backpack for my little Labrador (my dog)  and I went to a few shops and searched for the backpacks. I deeply analyzed so many products so today I recommend the best dog carriers backpack details with you, this will help dog owners for carrying their loved dogs and other pets on adventure trips.

It is also very intriguing to find that you have to train your puppy to get into the backpack and train before going for a long trip. With small treats, you can jump him in the backpack and do short intervals of walking for his ease and comfortability. Once your puppy gets ready you are good to go for long trips. One more thing most of the backpacks include is the harness which keeps the dog inside avoiding his jump off the backpack.

The backpacks are helpful considering if your dog is young, who cannot do long walks. It helps those dogs who are injured or received trauma or who are in their old ages. You can find varieties of the best dog carrier backpack available in the market, you just have to select which one is the best fit for your dog size, age, and carrying arrangement. The following 10 best backpack carriers may help you select the best for your dog.


Best Overall: Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack 

Airline Approved, Best for traveling and hiking!

Top Features

  • The dimensions of the Kurgo dog backpack are 21” x 13” x 10” (H x W x D)
  • It is provided with a laptop/tablet compartment and two water bottles pockets
  • Maximum Weight Capacity is 25 lbs
  • TSA Airline approved
  • The product weight is two kilograms
  • The product is ventilated and padded for extra comfort and protection
10Expert Score
TSA Airline Approved

Suitable for small to medium pets, good for hiking with a lifetime guarantee for USA and Canada.

Things we like:
  • Durable
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Lightweight
  • Super comfortable
  • Water bottle pockets
Things we don't like:
  • Only two colors

When we talk about traveling and the best dog carrier backpack, we also take advantage of the carrier or backpack that is approved by the airline, if traveling through it. Kurgo dog carrier backpack is a TSA Airline-approved backpack suitable for small and medium dogs. This backpack contains different characteristics that fascinate me while checking it out. It can hold with a top handle and carrier handle. This waterproof backpack interestingly can be traveled with anywhere you go. If you are on your motorbike you can simply put your canine in it and wear it on your shoulders. If you are hiking on trails or watching the beautiful sceneries, this backpack helps keep your dog safe and happy.

Kurgo dog carrier backpack dry weight is two kilograms. Which seems to be better considering the weight of your canine added to it. So if you are in the woods and exploring mountains, obviously your puppy will not be able to walk that long and with such a backpack carrier and weight specs, it gets easy to enjoy scenic views. This backpack is built strong and durable that canines cannot bite away easily. For your adventures and excursions, this backpack is rugged and provides the finest quality. It can hold up a weight up to 25 pounds of the dog and with the additional compartment you can add up your laptop or tablet in it and it will still perform nicely. 

The laptop or additional compartment is fully padded for keeping your belongings safe. The bottom is built with armorsole and waterproof material that you can become fan off. Because in your travels waterproof bottoms are blessings to keep the inside dry and obviously keep your pet dry. The side pockets are Air-mesh ventilated to keep the backpack breathable. Another thing that plays an important role is the ventilated back panel which keeps the incoming airflow intact on the long trails. For you carrying such weight, you need strong and supportive straps like the Kurgo backpack is offering. The shoulder straps can lift the weight and the hip and sternum straps support the weight to carry.


Best for Safety: CloverPet Luxury Pet Carrier

Excellent for Cats and Puppy

Luxury Bubble Sporty Pet Carrier 

Price: $$
Semi-sphere window design. Suitable for cats and puppies. Available colors: Yellow, Rose, Pink, Green, and Blue.

Top Features

  • The inside dimensions of the backpack are 11.4” x 11” x 15
  • The outside dimensions are 13.4” x 13” x 16.9” (L x W x H)
  • Suitable for 15 ponds maximum weight
  • The material used is premium ABS, canvas, artificial leather, brand zippers
  • There are lots of holes created and two meshes to receive airflow and get lots of ventilation
  • Additional padding is given in the shoulder straps to deliver relief while wearing with your pet
  • For opening and closure dual zippers are provided
  • The bubble window is removable to mesh
  • A removable fleece padded bed is also placed inside the backpack
  • Inside the backpack, a security leash is given to fastening up the pet for safety
  • A protective film is attached that can be removed when the backpack is needed to be used
Things we like:
  • Stylish design
  • Semi-spherical window
  • Very safe
  • Waterproof
  • Washable
Things we don’t like:
  • A little heavier
  • The front bubble needs holes

CloverPet was established in 2016 to provide a carrying facility for your pets with fashion and advanced looks keeping in view the safety feature. The basic motto CloverPet brought to the market has been to revolutionize the quality and design for the pets and their owners. Their products provide luxury and style for the pet owners to carry their pets during travel. Keeping in view all the regular functions of the carriers and backpack, they have provided a semi-sphere window design for the pet to view. The product under review is in rose color with a weight of 6.2 pounds. Although the weight gets added more with the pet weight, still is considerable because of its design and hardness to keep your pet in safety.

CloverPet luxury bubble travel backpack functions as a mobile pet bed, airplane carrier, and car seat. For the airplane carrier, you just have to know the regulations for it. As far as the other parts it provides a great facility to transport or carry your lovely pet with ease and comfort.

It can be carried also with adjustable padded back straps and a carrying handle that can also be fastened with the seat belt of your vehicle. It is wow a great deal considering both carrying ways. One other feature that has fascinated me is the security leash built inside the backpack to keep your pet secured even inside.


Best Veterinarian Approved- K9 Sport For All Pet Sizes

Front Facing Adjustable Dog Backpack Carrier

K9 Sport Sack Knavigate, Available in all sizes

Price: $$$
The available color is black and white.
Available Sizes: Extra small, small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Top Features

  • The backpack is added with ample airflow and ventilation
  • Maximum weight capasity is up to 50 lbs (23 KG)
  • Backpack is fully padded for comfort and ease on the shoulder and supporting your back
  • Extended storage pockets to the bottom of the frame are provided
  • Lumber support straps are also provided for your dog
  • Pockets on dual sides are also given
  • Easy pull SBS zipper is provided
  • Safety carabineer is also included for collar hook up
  • The sternum strap is light reflected and has a canine whistle clip
Things we like:
  • Sizing chart
  • Extra storage
  • Good Quality
Things we don’t like:
  • Long shoulder straps

When you have a dog companion who is always looking for a treat and always looking at you to go outside and enjoy the weather and long trails. You enjoy these moments and cherish them. K9 sport sack Knavigate is a backpack facility that you are looking into for your canine.  Move on to the adventurous trip with your puppy. This dog carrier is for you to enjoy the trips up and down the hills, or cycling your mountain bike on the trails and tracks, or enjoying the ride on the skateboard. Should you be worried about carrying your dog anywhere you go. The K9 sport sack is a rucksack or backpack that lets you Knavigate with comfort and ease of carrying.

It is meant for small dogs up to 26 inches in size, with a girth of 37 inches. If you have Maltese, Pomeranian, Papillion, or adorable Chihuahua, these will fit into the small backpack very easily and with comfort. This way all the anxiety and pressure your adorable dog is having will go away. Also, if you have a boxer, husky, collie, Portuguese water dog, and Whippet you can buy an X-Large size carrier backpack. The K9 sport dog carrier is being offered in few different sizes from x-small to x-large size so that it can fit any sized dog. The color of the backpack is given as midnight black and lunar grey. Both are amazingly beautiful colors. 

K9 sport sack Knavigate is crafted with an internal frame to keep it shaped and a padded hip belt to support the dog owner. So if you are doing any strenuous activity or on a tiring track, this backpack will support you without making you tired and keeping your companion canine with you happily. If you face any problems with the K9 sport sack Knavigate, you can have the solutions from the company. The guarantee is accepted only in the United States because the company is USA-based.


Best Airline Approved- Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

Easy to hold, hands-free, and the best dog carrier backpack for traveling

Top Features

  • The material of the backpack is water-resistant
  • The dimensions of the carrier backpack are 18.5” x 12.5” x 9” (H x W x D)
  • The weigh of this backpack is 2.2 kilograms
  • It can carry a maximum weight of 25 pounds
  • The waterproof armorsole is installed on the bottom of the backpack
  • The inner pad is separable and cleanable
  • A compartment for laptop or tablet is also given
  • A bottle opener is also given
  • Great ventilation system through zippered top mesh opening
Things we like:
  • Strong material
  • Water-resistant
  • High quality
  • Fits perfectly 
Things we don’t like:
  • No water bottle pockets
  • Cleaning takes time
  • A bit heavy

Kurgo has been selling several kinds of brands and one of the brands is Kurgo Dog Carrier for small pet dogs and cats. This is specially designed for small pets that weigh up to 25 pounds. A dog owner is always looking for the best dog carrier backpack that keeps him and his pet together wherever he goes. Kurgo is an approved airline backpack that provides sufficient space to keep your pet in a comforting condition. The backpack is versatile for all kinds of pets and provides an efficient solution for pet owners. The color of the backpack is heather grey with a weight of 2.2 kilograms. The material of the carrier backpack is Faux leather. 

The backpack is a very decent collection by the Kurgo and it is built waterproof. You can take your companion dog anywhere you like and enjoy the excursions as many as you like. It also provides a security hook (interior safety tether) placed inside the backpack to fasten up your pet from moving which is an added advantage considering if your pet is nervous and shy and may try to break. The inside of the backpack has waterproof armorsole bottom that is cleanable and removable to wash. The inside of the backpack also contains a pocket where you can keep and carry your laptop or tablet safe. The pocket is crafted with fleece lining for additional protection and cushioning.

The backpack has its airflow which is properly ventilated by the breathable mesh which can be rolled and two Faux leather vents are given on the sides of the backpack. The backpack straps are well padded and the sternum support is also given for better support.


Best Roller: Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 Pet Carrier

Converts into a pet backpack, wheeled carrier, car seat, and bed

Snoozer Roll Around  4-in-1 Pet Carrier

Price: $$
Colors available: Grey/Black and Red/Black.
Available Sizes: Small, medium and large.

Top Features

  • The snoozer medium-sized backpack has outer dimensions are 20” x 13” x 10” (H x W x D)
  • The inner dimensions are 12” x 11” x 7” (H x W x D)
  • Weight Capacity is up to 15 pounds
  • The telescopic handle can be used in multi-stages of length
  • The material used in traveling carriers is fabric
  • The mesh is given on the three sides for ventilation and visual of the pet
  • The inner has a tether for binding your canine harness
  • The carrier can be used as a wheeled carrier, backpack, car seat, and small pet bed
Things we like:
  • Multiple-use
  • Multi-stage opening
  • Very comforting
  • Perfect for under the seat
Things we don’t like:
  • Pet needs to train
  • Wheels roll one way only

What if there is a best dog carrier backpack that provides a different solution for carrying and the product is strong, sturdy, and durable. Snoozer roll around 4-in-1 pet carrier can easily be converted into a wheeled carrier, backpack, pet bed, and car seat, so you can carry your canine anywhere with ease and comfort. The carrier comes in two different color combinations red and black, black and grey. The carrier is all your pet may need in the house and anywhere you travel. It is medium size for small and medium-sized canines. The material used is a fabric with a weight of 0.5 pounds. 

It has a multiple-stage telescopic handle to carry in hand or wheels. The back has a pocket where straps could be stored when not used. The snoozer roll around 4-in-1 pet carrier is sufficiently ventilated and the passage of air passes quite well. Two sides pockets are also given to place additional items. The mesh is given on three sides for airflow and the dog’s view.

With this product, traveling gets easy, because the backpack makes your traveling easy. The assembly is quite easy; the telescopic handle can be assembled easily. A safety hook is placed on the inner side of the backpack and your pet can be harnessed with it for safety.


Best Adjustable: K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier

Best choice for extra small, small, medium and large dogs

Dog Carrier Adjustable Backpack

Price: $$
Available in 12 colors and multiple sizes.

Top Features

  • The K9 sport dog carrier comes in a variety of colors and sizes
  • The backpack dry weight is 1.14 pounds
  • It can carry up to 30 pounds
  • Additional detachable storage sack is also provided in it
  • These backpacks are supplied in 12 different colors
Things we like:
  • Additional detachable bag
  • 60 days guarantee
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
Things we don’t like:
  • Opening closure should be wider

While searching for the best canine carrier or pet carrier I came across the K9 Sport Sack which is a foldable backpack carrier. This backpack carrier can carry a canine up to 30 pounds which is impressive for a heavy dog. The backpack is typically nicely built for dogs with small and medium sizes. The collar opener and closure are adjustable for pets with a broad variety of shoulders and neck sizes. One of the qualities that the backpack contains is supporting the lumbar of pets with strong straps and providing sufficient space for safety, back support, and comforting feelings.

One of the exciting features that made me overthink the backpack was the detachable storage sack provided with it for extra support and carrying additional things. The way the shoulder angle is designed makes the pet closer to the owner for better fitting and securing it. The new mesh design is breathable and keeps your canine relaxed. The backpack is supplied with grey-colored buckles that look nice and support better. The fabric is also lined to support your pet fur to not get caught by the zipper. The base is wider and the canine can sit in the backpack easily without discomforting situation.

The backpack is available in three different sizes-small, medium, and large that can carry different sizes of the dog. It obviously helps if your dog is large and injured or disabled and you have to carry it to the vet store for treatment then you can buy a large size K9 sport sack. In addition, the dog faces the front view where the owner is going that relaxes the dog and keeps out of anxiety.


Best Rated: Pet Gear 5 in 1 Dog Carrier Backpack 

Five products in one; carrier, car seat, backpack, roller bag, and tote

Pet Gear I-GO2 Ocean Blue Traveler Plus

Price: $$$
5-in-1 use.  Available color: Blue, Black and Green

Top Features

  • The traveler plus carrier is x-large with dimensions of 16” x 13.5” x 22” (L x W x H)
  • It can take up a weight up to 25 pounds
  • The material of traveler plus is nylon and can take up weight up to 2.72 kilograms
  • The backpack traveler plus has a tether inside to keep the pet secure
  • A telescopic handle for carrying it in the hands that stores out like a suitcase
  • Fleece pads are given inside to comfort the canine
Things we like:
  • Extra big
  • Valuable options
  • Comfortable
  • Extra storage
  • Airline approved
Things we don’t like:
  • Zip quality

Searching online makes you tired when you are looking into many options available and put you thinking about what could be the best dog backpack carrier to buy for your beloved canine. Pet gear I-GO2 is a product that provides 5 different values for the pet owner.  The first and the most required value is that you can carry your canine on your shoulders in this backpack while traveling into the jungle or tracking over the hills.

The second value that it provides is that you can carry your pet through rolling on the street or road.  The third value that it is carrying is that you can fasten it up with your vehicle seat belt. The fourth value that this backpack provides is the hand carrying with telescopic handle and lastly, you can also carry it with your loved pet on the airplane only subjected to airline regulations. Pet Gear I-GO2 is available in ocean blue color with traveler plus options. The size is spacious for the canine and keeps your pet comfortable and easy. The material used in this traveler plus is nylon with dual padding to keep your pet anxiety away while traveling. The dry weight of the traveler plus is 2.72 kilograms which are comparatively almost the same as the other backpacks available in the market.

Like other carriers, this carrier also has a tether attached inside to bind your canine for additional security. The sides of the traveler plus are expandable up to 3 inches to get extra space for the pet. The sides also contain pouches where you can put your necessary accessories.


Best Affordable: MOV COMPRA Pet Carrier Backpack

Suitable for middle-large size dogs and cats.

Multi-Function Large Pet Carrier Backpack

Price: $$$
Available in Blue, Black, Brown, and Grey. Size: Large.

Top Features

  • Best for Medium to large pets.
  • The dimensions of the wheeled pet carrier are 16.1” x 11.8” x 16.9” (L x W x H)
  • 3 in 1 use, Pet Carrier Bag / Pet Carrier Backpack / Travel Stroller
  • It is a four detachable wheel carrier that can be assembled with the push of buttons
  • The back is padded and adjustable shoulder straps are padded
  • The removable pads provided inside the backpack are machine washable
  • The material used to craft the backpack are polyester and aluminum alloy
  • There are two-sided mesh and one top for ventilation and airflow
Things we like:
  • Durable
  • Beautiful colors
  • Smooth wheels
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to Wear
Things we don’t like:
  •  Wheels get stuck

Mov Compra provides variants with accessories to keep the share in the market visible and viable. The Mov Compra under review is a carrier that facilitates the pet owner with a wheeled option, traveling carrier, telescopic hand carrying, car seat carrier, and backpack carrier all in one product. The product comes with three color options large blue, large brown, and large grey colors. With multiple choices of use, it is a cost-effective and adaptable pet bag. It is meant for small and medium pets that could enjoy the scenic views, surroundings, and easy breathing while going on a journey.

This travel carrier is very handful while having three entrances for your pet. You can easily store this foldable product anyplace. There is a large opening given in the product on both sides and one on the top with strong zippers. These also include mesh for having strong ventilation and airflow. Also, your pet would love to keep his head out of the backpack to see the surroundings and enjoy. For more ventilation vent holes are also given. Mov Compra also has four detachable wheels to stroll with ease. These wheels are very durable and smartly installed below the backpack. Simply push the button and install the wheels. The inside has the removable mat cover, which is also machine washable. The carrier also contains front pockets that can carry extra accessories.

The zippers are durable and strong but function smoothly. The straps and buckles are durable, adjustable and the shoulder strap is extra padded for carrying easily with the canine. It also has the back well-padded to support the pet carrying on the back. The telescopic handle also has rods that are installed on the backpack for carrying through wheels as a pet stroller. Overall, the assembly and disassembly of the carrier are efficient and convenient.


Best in budget: Apollo walker Pet Carrier Backpack

Large to small cats and dogs.

Top Features

  • The dimension of the carrier backpack is 12.6” x 11.4” x 16.8” (L x W x H)
  • Maximum weight capacity is up to 25 pounds
  • The design and structure are sturdy and durable and holds shape easily
  • It also has detachable cushioning inside for additional comfort
  • The different mesh windows bring in ample airflow and your pet outside visibility
  • The backpack also contains a leash tether inside to secure your pet
  • The additional padding on the back and shoulder straps comfort the pet owner to carry
  • The material used in construction is polycast
  • Two-sided pockets are also given with the backpack
Things we like:
  • Easier to transport
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Foldable windows
Things we don’t like:
  • Zips quality

One of the variant products available in the market with affordability and features is the Apollo walker pet carrier. This product comes in different colors such as black, blue, pink, and grey. It is cheaper than other available products with rigid design and construction to hold it up. By looking closely all the colors are beautiful and the maximum size which is designed for convenience and stability provides a pet owner a comforting and satisfying level. When you are traveling, hiking, or trailing in the jungle, keeping your pet’s comfort level high is important. Because if your puppy is whining or screaming that really disturbs your hiking and traveling spirit.

Apollo walker pet carrier keeps the discomfort level low of your pet with the leash buckle and soft padding inside the backpack. It is also spacious and a little larger than relative competitors and small and medium-sized dogs can get fit in easily. The carrier backpack also provides a well-ventilated design for maximum air inflow. It has two side airflow entrances and a top mesh window for visibility and headspace for the pet. 

The backpack also has soft fleece padding inside for your pet to stay in comfort and ease, with space to move around. It is also airplane friendly with a leash buckle inside to harness your pet and keep your pet secure and safe instead of running around here and there during the flight. Please check airline rules before getting your pet in this backpack and traveling through an airline. If you are on a cycle, motorcycle, or walking, the strong mesh does not get torn up by your pet easily.

Apollo walker pet carrier also has additional padding on the back to carry it with your pet easily and do activities easily. The shoulder straps are also padded with extra thick cushioning to comfort your shoulders while carrying a middle-weight canine. Also, it is supported with chest and waist buckle straps which is helpful if your canine is healthy to carry.


Best Foldable: Morpilot Dog Backpack

Suitable for dogs and cats with folding Dog Bowl

Top Features

  • The dimensions of the carrier backpack are 13” x 10.6” x 15.3”
  • The material used is polyester and the color is blue
  • The zipper is lockable with a lock zipper
  • The weight of the backpack is 1.5 kilograms
  • It best suits small and medium dogs
  • The mesh design and sunshade covers on the top opening from sunlight
  • With three entrances, the product has ample ventilation considering the mesh windows
Things we like:
  • Built Nicely
  • Ideal for Hiking
  • Strong & Durable
  • Breathable design
Things we don’t like:
  • Support pads quality
  • Straps are small

Obviously there are many kinds of backpacks available in the market. Some of them are durable and some have many features like material used, mesh windows, and many more. Morpilot Dog backpack is also one of the best carrier dog backpacks that provide quality and style with affordability.

The color of the dog backpack is blue and the crafted material is polyester. The polyester used is eco-friendly, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant. The weight that it can carry is 16 pounds, whereas the dry weight of the product is 1.5 kilograms, which is remarkably lesser than other available products.Morpilot Dog Backpack is appropriate for small puppies and medium-sized dogs. It provides ample space inside the backpack for your canine to stay happy. It has three openings or entrances for the pet to enter and inside it has a pet safety leash that binds your pet with it. 

There is a double-sided pad to keep your pet in a soft and smooth place that keeps the anxiety away. Also, you can use any side of the pad according to the weather conditions, and it is removable and washable. Also, a zipped pocket is provided to keep dog accessories intactThese three openings have a mesh that makes it breathable and ventilated for your pet to be easy and relaxed. It has a safety lock zipper outside the backpack to provide extra safety for your pet. A folding dog bowl is also given with it as a gift so buy a Morpilot dog backpack. 

This backpack also supports by thickening the back and shoulder to carry it with ease. To reduce the pressure of carrying, this product is ideally designed. All the straps include a waist strap. The shoulder strap and chest strap are adjustable.

Pick from our top 10 list:


The pet carrier especially dog carrier backpacks is the best way to carry your small or medium-sized dog. There are multiple variants available in the market and you have to find the best suitable carrier for your puppy. These carriers help to enjoy traveling, hiking, motorcycling, cycling, skateboarding, vet visiting, and many more. They are the source for your pet’s happiness, where your pet enjoys the trip with you and gazes at all the surroundings and sceneries and it makes you happy too. If your pet is large and you are still confused to buy carry a backpack carrier then must read our article on dog strollers or you can go through dog backpacks.

Every pet owner has its choice to get the best carrier backpack, but we like Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack for Small Pets. It is a very strong, versatile, properly ventilated, and durable backpack that can carry not only duke but it has a compartment for the laptop or tablet as well. This backpack is TSA airline approved and above all, it cannot be torn easily by the dog, therefore, rest assured to enjoy the trip with your companion. What do you think the best dog Carrier Backpack is and why? Comment below and share your toughts 👇

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