We believe pets are the best companion and integral parts of our lives. To keep their living standard healthy and happy, we share the best pet care resources, reviews, comparisons, surveys, information, and solutions. It helps pet owners to make efficient and better decisions.


“To deliver research-based information, reviews, and solutions to the pet owners for improved living standards.”


We deliver information, reviews, and reliable solutions to pet owners. Our research helps pet owners to make right and favorable decisions for their pet companions.

Typically, a pet owner researches a product and reads reviews of all kinds. But they get stuck among thousands of products and fall into a hit and trial-based purchase decisions. We remove pet owners’ hassle and narrow down the best choices available in the market. These narrowed-down choices help to make effective decisions and save time.

Read our reviews, articles, and guides to understand better your dogs and cats need to bond a healthy relationship with you. Live a happier and healthier life. Above all, your satisfaction is our reward!


We identify the needs of pets and pet owners, do research, comparisons, surveys, reviews, and offer you strong product links. We present efficient and viable user solutions that would satisfy pet owners. Our recommendations would help you and your pets to live happy and sustaining life! For this purpose, accrued bills are paid through affiliate commissions of the brands we recommend.

Selection Process

Our pet product selection and recommendations are based on thorough research and analysis affected by the multiple influencing factors that would affect your buying decision overall. These multiple factors include:

  • The cost of the recommended pet product is reflected by price and transportation charges.
  • We provide cost and benefit analysis of the products: We weigh between the cost borne by the pet owner and his benefits against the cost.
  • We also analyze and review the product and provide insights such as dimensions, sizing of the pet with the product, comfort level, handling or carrying, material, and other features.
  • The availability of the product and easy access for purchasing it
  • The analysis of customer experiences, reviews, remarks, ratings, company policy, customer support provided by the company, and the experience gained by the pet owner.
  • We also deliver the analysis of brand perceived and brand recognized. We focus on both negative and positive market analyses of pet products. We also analyze the reach and easy availability of the brand that directly affects the recognition.
  • We also analyze the features, the ease of use, multiple carrying choices, designs, and stitching quality of the product and deliver insights into the market. 

Authentication Process

While the market is diverse, several quality products with different features are marketed, including discount and promotional activities. We take several steps to authenticate our process.

  • We do hands-on testing of the product to check its quality, affordability, design, carrying solutions, and construction.
  • We also try to get the response time, behaviour, and general help of the company customer support to understand the product deeply.
  • We draw simple comparison charts among the brands, analyze them, provide performance, and present accordingly.
  • The pet owners always require insights from the other pet owners, and we conduct surveys to know their perception, missing features, add-on features, and follow customer retention.
  • By looking closely into the pet industry standards, we learn what other manufacturers are creating, the stuff they are using, and the features they are adding to their brands. It also includes the regulations issued by the regulatory authorities, airline industry, cargo industry and follows laws accordingly.


Our editorial and content team are the asset and resource. The editorial team reviews the content delivered by the content writers. The editorial team is responsible for the content created, including product reviews, comparison reviews, multiple articles, guides, and blogs. 

We hire the best content writers who write within the bounds and parameters issued by the editorial team. The editorial team also monitors the surveys, market analysis, company customer support, direct market interaction to ensure the quality of the reviews, articles, and blogs.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy practices, please contact us at mm.pupsnpuss@gmail.com.

Pupsnpuss: Pet products reviews and buying guides

We believe pets are the best companion and integral parts of our lives.  We help pet owners to make efficient and better decisions. Our pet product selection and recommendations are based on thorough research and analysis affected by the multiple influencing factors that would affect your buying decision overall.

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